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Meet the Team

About Us

Let us help you protect your most important investment – Other than keeping your gutters clean and in good working order, we can also professionally design and install new gutters on your home. Before your new gutters get installed we inspect your facia for rot and replace if necessary. We then scrape old paint chips and grime away from the facia and fill all holes with water resistant caulk. We follow that with a fresh coat of paint to ensure the gutters have a solid and clean surface to sit on. Water is the most common cause of damage to a homes foundation and structure. Let the monkeys absolve you of these future problems by servicing your home!! Learn more about the towns we serve.

The DVGM Team

Joe Henehan, Owner

  • Born and raised in Bucks County, PA, I worked many years for a contractor updating and repairing homes. Over the years I have seen, first hand, the damage that neglected roofs and gutters can do to a home. I can tell you it can be a very costly oversight! That’s why my family and I decided to start a gutter cleaning, repair and installation business, to prevent the damage BEFORE it happens. I like to think of myself as “your local whole home drainage system PROTECTOR!” Another thing I learned throughout my years of contract work, is how important customer service is. Many of the contractors I worked with all seemed to have this major flaw in common, the just didn’t value the importance of communication. Whether it was simply calling people back within a reasonable amount of time or communicating with the homeowners in regard to the work being done, the lack of proper communication made any job more difficult than it had to be. Here at Delaware Valley Gutter Monkeys we understand the importance of communication. We will take the time to fully explain the detailed work that is being done to your home. Customer service is our priority and that is our promise to you.

Chris Henehan, Owner

Chris is a life-long resident of Bucks County.  He has spent the last 6 years accumulating skills with various contractors. One of the most important things he picked up along the way is paying fine attention to detail. Chris will ensure that even the smallest and most intricate steps in both cleaning and installation are carried out fully and to the highest standard of quality.